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What is it about your job that brings the most joy?

You love working produce and it is evident in everything you do: You set a great produce stand that is so beautiful people comment on it daily. Your customers love you. People come from miles around to shop your department even when there are stores closer to their home. You are the local farmers' best friend. You have the best selection of local produce in town and pay a fair price. Your years of experience have given you a wealth of organic produce knowledge. You love the food, and your passion is infectious.

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Got Vision? Getting to the essence of your store

Natural health retail stores and the beautiful people that work in these stores are known to ooze with passion. Hey, they're certainly not in it for the money (although that's where I want to take you!) They do it because they love it.  And they love to spread the word of natural health and wellbeing.

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Grow or... Die

Let me start by saying this article is not to be confused with the kind of growth that can kill you, which I recently experienced after Thanksgiving... but the kind of growth that makes you uncomfortable. Growth that amazes you and challenges you to be better than you are today. The growth that keeps you relevant and the growth that makes customers come back.

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The Value Of An Hour

Just a little while ago we were gifted with an extra hour. One extra hour. Without getting into a discussion about how this hour is merely pay-back for the one we lost earlier in the year, let's contemplate that hour for a moment. Did you use it well?

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Praise - a little goes a long way

Most of us would love it if our new and part-time employees would stick around and be a positive part of our crew for a long time. It saves us time and money, can create a better shopping environment and is definitely better for morale. In fact, those who really like working at our store often become our next round of managers.

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Product you know your stuff

This will be my third article in CNHR magazine and I am flattered that Bruce asked me a while ago to contribute to the well written editorials this magazine provides. I must admit, I am relatively new to the world of natural health food/products and I am learning a lot in a very short time.

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Exceptional merchandising

Five simple rules for exceptional merchandising

I believe that when it comes to running a successful business, customer service is hands-down the most important aspect. You can advertise, drop your prices, distribute flyers, and stock the place from floor to ceiling with every product on the market. But if customers come into your store and they are not satisfied with the way they are treated, or with the information they receive, they will most likely not return. I know I wouldn't return.

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Do you have a structure problem?

Sometimes what appears to be a performance problem—employees not doing the job up to your expectations—is actually a problem with the organizational structure of your business. If tasks go undone because they are falling off someone's overfull plate, or because they are on several different plates, or because they aren't on anyone's plate, you've got a structure problem.

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The emotional tone of your store

Recently, I sat in on a couple of sales and marketing seminars where both speakers mentioned "selling is all about emotion." Apparently, 75 per cent of retail purchasing decisions are based on emotion. If you want to have positive sales, you need to focus on creating an emotionally positive experience for your customers.

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Pampering your HABA customers

When it comes to your HABA customers this winter, think...P.A.M.P.E.R.

"How do you make it through the winter months?"   Have you heard this lately or have you seen this expression in your customer's eyes?  Winter is the time of year where your customers need to pamper and treat themselves with luxurious products and textures. While it is gray outside, you need to create a colourful in-store environment to cheer up your clientele! They need you to warm them up from the outside cold and to help soothe their dry, itchy skin from a heated home. Make your life easy and just remember one word: P.A.M.P.E.R. This acronym will help you to create an eye catching end cap!

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Looking good for the Holiday season

Let's be honest: the majority of your customers are starting to shop for their holiday gifts whether it be toys for the kids, clothes for the teenagers or the perfect dress for the office party or the family one. Just reading this can make your heart race. You can't help but wonder if after all their gift buying, if your customers will have enough disposable income to spend in your store. So, how do you catch their attention during this holiday season? Quite simply, be prepared and get them what they need!

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Make your team meetings a success

Do you hold regular meetings with your staff?  Are you considering such meetings but are concerned about what the cost will be?

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Inspiring business quotes

This issue, Deane shares with us some of his favourite and inspiring business quotes.

Great organizations achieve sustainable growth and profits because they do what other organizations don't; they maximize the innate, individual talents of their employees to connect with customers. Tapping the resources of humans is the only remaining area where significant improvements lead to an unlimited source of competitive advantages."           Follow this Path – Coffman                     (Do you know the strengths/talents of yourself and staff?)

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Putting your intentions into action

In our instant society, where we can have a microwaved roast beef dinner with all the fixings in 30 seconds, video of your child singing in the high school musical uploaded to YouTube a split second after the curtain closes, and the results of an internet IQ test in the blink of an eye, it's no wonder that some people might consider this universal law to be so much hooey. Think something into existence? Okay. I think I'm a billionaire. Oops. Not so fast. There's a little more to it than that.

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Money saved in the store MUST be spent in the store

The headline above should be the battle cry for every retailer. Retailers in every spectrum of the retail world are faced with the ever- increasing "savings," "deals" and "discounts" offered by their competitors. Customers are so conditioned that if they do not get a deal or discount, it's just not worth going shopping.

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How to handle chronically late employees

You glance at the clock. It's 8:30 a.m. and your first cashier is half an hour late for their shift – again. Your cashier is wonderful with the customers, knowledgeable about natural foods, but you can never count on them to be on time. They always have an excuse: the car broke down, the dog ran away, there was traffic, there was a long line at the post office...

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Improving your business in 140 characters or less

By no means am I a social media expert. Calling me one would be the equivalent of saying because I have a computer and a TV that I am an electronics guru. I use social media. I see the value for a business and I appreciate it as a consumer. I will share my thoughts on it for your business and some "universal truths" I have uncovered. I will preface this article by saying everything you read below is true about Facebook and Twitter.

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Plan your trip

I have been given a lot of gifts in this lifetime: for example, I am intelligent, I'm a great reader, I can string a few words together to communicate ideas, I am a kind and loving mother, I have a healthy and strong body – and I am grateful for every single one of these gifts.

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Back to school essentials

The beloved warm season is over and although your summer holidays and that nice summer breeze still vividly play out in your mind, it's time to put away the sun care and insect repellent products and focus on the next season - back to school.

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Science proves power of positive emotions in business

In The Bond by Lynne McTaggart, she references a study (pg 92, 93) that concluded both negative and positive emotions are highly contagious. However, positive emotions stimulate a group to be cooperative and make more positive decisions, while negative emotions resulted in the opposite. It was suggested a business could make more money within a culture of positive emotion because it would positively affect the entire workforce.

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