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Supplements for Spring

Everyone knows the following: “April showers bring May flowers.” However, that’s not the only thing the spring season brings. The warmer weather brings people outside – gardening, cycling and just being more active. Many will have a desire to refresh with a cleanse. And don’t forget spring allergies! Over the next few pages, you will find suggestions to help your customers with their spring

Supplement needs, plus some key products for the season!

As the dark days of winter will soon be a cold memory, your customers’ habits and health challenges are changing. Spring is the time for being more active, revitalizing our bodies and preparing for pollen.

Ever notice that the runners seem to come out of the woodwork at this time of year? Warmer weather invites getting out and about, weather that means walking, jogging or gardening. Unfortunately it can also mean sore muscles for those who don’t ease into it – and even for those that do. Remind your customers to keep some magnesium supplements close at hand for aching backs and some arnica or homeopathic trauma remedies for times when they’ve really overdone it.

Spring is Mother Nature’s season for renewal and regeneration. Encourage your customers to align themselves with this natural rhythm by trying a gentle, effective spring cleanse. A prominent display of items that support detox can include skin brushes and castor oil packs, liver-loving herbal combos in capsule or tinctures and more comprehensive cleansing kits.

Sneezing, snuffling and itchy, watery eyes can put a damper on our enthusiasm for this lovely time of year. To prevent allergic rhinitis, start taking daily probiotics with a quercitin complex and/or bee pollen while snow is still on the ground. By prepping the immune system well before it is challenged by airborne allergens, your customers may be able to avoid seasonal allergies altogether.

Vitamin D supplementation should continue

More than one in six Canadians suffer from hay fever, or seasonal allergic rhinitis. Depending on what a person is allergic to, allergy season can start in the early spring and last right through to the first frost of autumn. In some parts of the country, you could suffer from March to November. Prevention is one of the key ways to help with symptoms, duration and onset of seasonal allergies. Flavonoids, such as quercetin, luteolin and rosmarinic acid, help to stabilize mast cells that secrete histamine and cause allergic reactions. These compounds, along with other botanicals like butterbur and perilla, cannot only help prevent, but reduce symptoms of allergies when they are already present.

How much vitamin D to take and when it is most essential is of much debate. It takes about 18 minutes of midday sun exposure for your body to absorb the equivalent of 3000IUs of vitamin D. This is dependant on the time of the year, skin-type and how far north or south you live, here in North America. It is still a good idea to continue your vitamin D supplementation during the summer months, even though many of us actually spend at least 20 minutes a day during peak hours in the sun. The Mayo Clinic, in 2006, suggested that one in three young adults are vitamin D deficient which is why a healthy balance between sun exposure, dietary sources and supplementation of vitamin D during the summer months is the best way to prevent a possible deficiency.    by Dr. Jonothon Mainland, N.D. AOR’s medical advisor.

Natural_Factors_QuercetinPotent anti-allergy, antioxidant, and anti-aging support

Natural Factors new Quercetin Complex is an exceptional antioxidant formula that provides relief from the symptoms of allergies, fights free radical damage, and combats accelerated aging. It contains quercetin, grape seed extract, blood orange extract, turmeric extract, and CoQ10 for advanced anti-inflammatory, circulatory, and cardiovascular support. 1-800-663-8900

Immune System Support

ImmunoSense is a highly effective, specialized formula, designed to support and enhance the immune system with natural ingredients including: Astralagus, Ganopoly™ Reishi Mushroom Extract, Zinc Citrate and Selenium. By actively supporting the immune system, the body is better equipped to fight off infections and viruses that may compromise overall health.

Rich in Omega-3’s EPA & DHA

Elite Omega 3 Gems contain fish body oils from deep, cold water fish which are especially rich in the important omega-3’s EPA and DHA. This professional strength formula contains 800 mg of omega-3’s per soft gel.

Sexy Legs for Summer

Spring might be here, but you can bet that most people are already thinking about bathing suit season. When the weather warms, your legs are bound to be on full display. Proactive marketing now aimed at sexy legs in time for summer will get results, as one in two North Americans suffers from varicose veins, spider veins and swollen ankles. People often seek surgery, laser or topical treatments for vein problems but, as we all know, safe, nutritional treatments offer effective and long-term solutions. Large clinical trials on herbal formulas containing diosmin, butcher’s broom, horse chestnut and hesperidin have found that, in as little as 60 days, veins dramatically diminish in size. Swelling around the ankles is also reduced or eliminated. You cannot go wrong with promoting to your customers vein-support products that offer a money-back guarantee.   by Lorna Vanderhaeghe, president and CEO Lorna Vanderhaeghe Health Solutions, Inc.

Fish Oils All Year Round

The omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, found in fish oil, are helpful in maintaining histamine levels before and during allergy season. Histamines are neurotransmitters that deliver messages to the body when allergy promoting pollens are in the air. Histamines trigger eyes to water, noses to run and sneeze, and other general inflammatory reactions to take place in an effort to rid the body of the allergen. EPA and DHA work on anti-inflammatory pathways and are great to pre-load with before allergy season and to take throughout that time of year. Fish oils have so many wonderful benefits that most choose to take them all year round. Creating end caps with the herbs for allergies and supplements before and during spring allows the customer to see the type of items you have available. Promoting fish oil along with these allergy supplements educates the consumer about yet another benefit to taking fish oil.

Cleanses are also popular this time of year and two important nutrients to include on your cleanse are fish oil and probiotics. Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids which are essential fatty acids that should be consumed daily to support health and well being. Even when cleansing, omega-3 fatty acids should be included as a part of your chosen program. Probiotics are usually included as well to support gut and colon health. Cleanses rid the body of toxins and it is important they are moved through the colon quickly, and probiotics support this process. Get customers thinking about spring cleanses with some free in-store lectures and simple education pieces about the types of cleanses you offer. by Stuart Tomc, CNHP, national educator, Nordic Naturals

Immune System Support

Quercetin is a dietary flavonoid with many health benefits. It alleviates allergies by preventing certain immune cells from releasing histamines. It also blocks the enzymes responsible for producing inflammatory molecules that sensitize the body’s pain receptors.

High-Quality Passionflower

Chosen by German pharmacists as top natural product of 2010! PASCOE® Calm contains a high-quality special extract of passionflower. Passionflower has a long history of use and much research in treating stress, anxiety and sleep disturbances. It is also one of the safest herbs.

D3, the Preferred Source of Vitamin D

Natural Factors new Vitamin D3 Drops 400 IU is perfect for kids. It provides the recommended daily intake for children in just one drop. Provided in a base of organic olive oil and flaxseed oil, it has a pleasant, neutral taste that makes it easy to take directly, or add to any food or beverage. Vitamin E and olive oil act as natural preservatives to ensure freshness and stability.    800/663-8900

Heart healthy combination

Omega LDL combines the concentrated fish oil found in our Ultimate Omega formula with the important heart nutrients Red Yeast Rice and Coenzyme Q10. By combining these nutrients, this formula synergistically enhances cardiovascular function and supports healthy cholesterol levels.

Reduces the risk of CVD

Kyolic Extra Strength One A Day contains 1000mg of the proprietary Aged Garlic Extract™. Kyolic Extra Strength is among a leading line of Health Canada-approved cardiovascular supplements by Kyolic. Kyolic A.G.E. is research-proven and has been trusted by Canadians for over 30 years.

Fights Belly Fat & More

Glucosmart – containing Chirositol – in more than 30 studies at the Virginia Medical School, was shown to normalize insulin, control diabetes, stop skin tags, lower cholesterol and enhance serotonin, thereby halting sugar cravings and reducing appetite. In women, Glucosmart halts male facial hair growth, acne and PCOS. But where Glucosmart really shines is in helping to fight belly fat in both men and women.

Essential Vitamins for Optimal Health

Spring is in the air!   With the first signs of spring and the warmer weather comes seasonal allergies, cleansing diets and outdoor activities. The following supplements are important for supporting vitality and wellbeing during the coming months:

1.) Vitamin C – An essential antioxidant for any immune dysfunction, injury repair and detoxification protocol.

2.) Quercitin - Inhibits the release of histamines and other inflammatory compounds from mast cells, thus reducing the allergic/inflammatory response.

3.) Omega 3’s – Essential anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and cardio protective properties.

4.) Curcumin - This spice is cancer protective, a potent antioxidant, supports liver function and is anti-inflammatory.

5.) Milk Thistle – An essential detoxifying agent that supports liver function, and acts as an antioxidant, too.

by Dr. Marita Schauch BSc ND. Dr. Schauch’s health articles educate the public about health and wellness and have been featured in numerous print media.  She resides and has her clinical practice in Victoria B.C.

EPA, natural inflammation fighter

Spring and summer are just around the corner. This means more and more Canadians will be getting outside, enjoying the warm weather and all the physical activities this brings: cycling, gardening, yard work, etc. Some people will be doing their annual internal spring cleanse; others will have to face the challenges of spring allergies.

Omega-3’s are an important consideration for people getting back into the great outdoors. Sardines, salmon and mackerel provide beneficial fats that may help protect your body against allergies. One of the Omega-3 fatty acids, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), is a natural inflammation fighter.

Eating more of these cold-water fish or taking a fish oil supplement is especially important if allergies affect breathing, such as in those who suffer from allergic asthma. The natural inflammation-balancing actions of EPA ease the irritation in our nasal passages and lungs, therefore reducing the likelihood of an allergic response.

Keep reference articles on hand that illustrate the benefits of nutrients. While health claims are an area that retailers want to avoid, there are many educational articles available to articulate and reinforce the benefits of natural approaches to better health.  by Jolie Root, LPN, LNC, Carlson’s nutritionist/educator


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