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Study shows print media still more effective than digital media

Print lives!   For those of you who are always looking for the most effective methods of marketing your message to customers, check this out: a recent Canadian study indicates print media is still more effective than digital media.

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CHFA East marks beginning of Fall

As summer comes to a close, the industry is ramping up for one of the busiest times of the year.  CHFA East (Sept. 17-20) usually marks the unofficial start of Fall, and the team at CNHR and Natural SKU Preview publications has started working on the CNHR November/December issue.  This will be a very exciting issue with lots going on, including our show wrap-up, news and photos from the show floor and related events, a report on the newest products to hit the market, and winners of the CHFA awards. 

Top retailer recognized

In addition, we will also be congratulating the recipient of the Brock Elliott Award for Excellence in Retailing.  You can be involved in this: it is an excellent way to show support for your customer (or potential customer!)  A few words of congratulations along with your logo is only $450.Regular great feature writers
The issue will also feature our wonderful stable of columnists and contributors, and we will be featuring one of the country’s top natural health retailer. 

Send us your company news

As always, please send me your industry news for our Trade Talk section.  It is one of our highest read departments and is a vital part of the link between you and retailers.  This is where you can keep your existing and potential customers updated on your new products, new staff, new website, new promotions, etc….  Deadline is September 9.  This is a FREE service.

Deadlines for November/December 2015

Editorial – September 9

Ad space reservation – September 23

Product Profile submission – September 26
(free with ad placement 1/3rd or larger)

Ad material due – September 30

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July/Aug Supplier Issue

Our July-August issue is our annual Supplier Profile Issue.   It’s your chance to tell your company story, and we make it so affordable for you!  When you buy an ad (full or half page), we give you the same amount of space for FREE, so you can run your ad and company profile side-by-side.  

Buy a full page, get the second full page for FREE!   Or buy a half page, get the second half page for FREE!  This is your opportunity to get the most value for your advertising dollar!  Plus, you get a free Product Profile!

Use the free space for a company profile: it’s your chance to provide the retailers with more information on your company values, product quality, sales team… the possibilities are endless.  Review last year’s Supplier Profiles online.  Go to the Suppliers tab and down to 2014 Info Book.

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May/June 2015

The thoughts of spring, warmer temperatures and flowers blooming will be a welcome reality after this frigid winter most of us have endured.  CHFA West in Vancouver is just around the corner, April 9-12, 2015.   Team CNHR is now working on our CHFA West post-show issue, which is one of our fastest growing issues of the year.  This is a perfect time to follow up your trade show efforts with an ad and news item in Trade Talk to refresh the memory of those retailers who saw your new products at CHFA West, and to also let those retailers who didn’t attend know what they missed at your booth.

The May-June issue is also the perfect time to acknowledge excellence: specifically, to recognize the winner of the Brock Elliott Retailer of Excellence award.  You can take part in congratulating the winning retailer for only $425: this is your chance to recognize your customer on their win OR if they are not currently your customer, this is a fantastic way to be “introduced” to the winner of this award.  Once the issue is in the mail, call the retailer to follow up or better yet when the sales person visits, it can be a conversation starter.  
The $425 spent on this ad can lead to a long-lasting relationship with the winning retailer.

NEW PRODUCTS:   Don’t miss this opportunity to feature your new product for only $425.  If you place an ad (one third or larger), you receive a free Product Profile.   Just send us a high resolution image (300dpi) and a 40 word product description.  Also, include contact information to make it easy for the retailers to contact you.

How to better market your fridge space for Probiotics.    
We invite suppliers with a probiotic product to participate in this feature article.  Please contact me for further details.  Deadline for submissions is March 23.  (This feature is free to participate in.)

As always, please send me your industry news for our Trade Talk section.  Trade Talk is one of our highest read departments and is a vital part of the link between you and retailers.  This is where you can keep your customers and potential new customers updated on your new products, new staff, new website, new promotions, etc.  Deadline March 23rd.  This is a FREE service.

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CNHR March/April 2015

Happy New Year!

I hope you were able to enjoy the holiday season with family and friends.  As the New Year kicks off, the team at CNHR Magazine has already started working on the CHFA West show issue (March/April).  CHFA West will run from April 9 to 12 in beautiful Vancouver.

Previewing CHFA West

This will be our show preview issue, guaranteed to be one of the most highly read and circulated issues of the year.  This is a great place to specifically reach the large number of retailers in the Western region of Canada.

Free promo for your company

Our March/April issue will be in the mail one month before the show dates. This gives you plenty of time to do your pre-show marketing and invite the retailers over to your booth to see and sample new product lines, contests, book signings, etc…  Be sure to include your booth number and a short invitation in your ad this issue if you will be exhibiting at CHFA West.  As well, send me your 20 words of Pre-Show Buzz – what will be new and exciting at your booth.  Deadline is January 12.  This is a FREE service.

Sustainability and your business

Along with our great regular columnists this issue, we will be running a feature titled “Sustainability as a Business Strategy.”  We’ll hear from some of our industry retailers and suppliers who have embraced the concept of sustainability and implemented it into their businesses.  Also, we will share the experiences of four Canadian retailers who visited Finca Luna Nueva, a certified organic, biodynamic farm in Costa Rica.  They’ll discuss how this visit enhanced their knowledge of sustainability and how they plan to use it in their stores in the future.
As always, please send your industry news for our Trade Talk department. You can forward to the publisher Bruce Cole - or your sales rep.    Trade Talk is one of our highest read sections and is a vital part of the link between suppliers and retailers.  This is where you can keep your customers and potential new customers updated on your new products, new staff, new website, new promotions, etc. Deadline is January 12.  
This is a FREE service.

Deadlines for March-April 2015

Editorial – January 12
Ad space reservation – January 23
Product profile submission – January 26
Ad material due on – February 2
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November-December 2013 Issue Preview

Next issue is our 100th!
The first issue of CNHR rolled off the presses in May 1997. Our next issue will be our 100th, and we’ll have some special things to mark the event, including a look back at some of the most newsworthy industry stories and events over the past 16 years.
Here’s what else is happening:

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There's no great mystery about advertising: it works!

Does advertising work? This is the question everyone asks before they commit dollars to an advertising campaign. And it's a valid question. Personally, I have no doubt advertising works. Working on the ad side at CNHR for all these years has shown me many examples of advertising working for suppliers.

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Supplier news

Author and product formulator Dr. James Meschino is touring Canada this spring, offering both consumer and retailer trainings. His lecture tour will take him through Ontario, Alberta, B.C., New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. For dates and cities on the tour, please go to

Soup manufacturer Kettle Cuisine has introduced its gluten-free, frozen soups to the Canadian market . The soups can be heated on a stovetop or microwaved for added convenience. The average retail price per unit is $4.99. •

Prairie Naturals has introduced Citrus Soother, a hot lemon, honey and ginger drink mix for cold and flu, formulated by holistic pharmacist RoseMarie Pierce.

TallGrass has welcomed Alexandre Gilbert to its sales team. Alex has spent the past few years working for some of Canada’s leading health food retailers, and will be bringing his experience and enthusiasm to assist with customer service and inside sales.

Southbrook Vineyards is launching a certified organic red wine grape skin powder under the brand name of BioFlavia. Southbrook BioFlavia is processed from organic red wine grape skins sourced from the Niagara region.

Megan Rodgers has joined Trophic Canada as a sales representative for the greater Toronto area. Megan brings extensive experience within the health and nutrition industry. Reach Megan at:

Organika has announced it is now represented in Quebec by Michael Theodore Brokerage.

Marcia David has joined Trophic Canada as sales representative for southwestern Ontario. Marcia has worked in the natural health products industry for several years with a background in medical-surgical sales and operating room nursing. Reach her at:

U-Be, which was previously available through Purity Life, is now being carried by Preferred Nutrition as of March 1. U-Be’s Canadian broker is Me Breathing. For more information, contact James Merritt by going to, or by phone: 416/727-9094. •

Adeeva Nutritionals has launched a new product: Adrenal Support formula, which contains herbs proven to reduce the over-secretion of cortisol during periods of chronic stress and helps to combat the effects of stress on the body.

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CNHR News Podcast

cnhr radio hour

News, Views and Happenings in the world of Canadian Natural Health.

Check out this month's podcast here

Your customers have spoken.  The numbers are convincing: Canada’s natural health retailers turn to CNHR for your new products.  A survey conducted in June 2020 shows retailers read the ads and Product Profiles, and react to them.  They order products they’ve seen in CNHR.  They look for your new products in CNHR.  Reach your customers via CNHR by print, video and/or podcast.  Various opportunities available to fit any budget. 

• Launch your new products

• Support your sales team

• Be visible as stores re-focus and re-charge

• Stake your position in the “new normal”

• Reach more stores – from coast to coast

• Introduce your company to new potential customers • Combine CNHR’s print, video and podcast options


New!  Product profile package

Retailers want to see more of your new products.  So, we’re making it easier for you and them. 

Introducing our new Product Profile Package:  a three-pronged way to reach retailers by combining print, video and podcast.  You get all three!

PRINT:  Claim a spot on CNHR’s Product Profile pages, mailed to health food stores coast to coast, and read by over 10,000 retail store buyers, owners, managers and staff.

VIDEO:  This is new for CNHR – video product reviews.  You’ll get a 30 second review of your product with product image and voiceover.  Five products per video, then e-blasted to CNHR’s database, to be shared among staff and with the store’s customers.   

PODCAST:  Also a new feature.  Your product will get a mention on the New Products portion of the popular CNHR News Podcast, hosted by CNHR editor Bruce Cole and Deane Parkes.   Your company name, product name, a couple of lines, followed with your company contact information.

Three-platform exposure for your new products, delivered by CNHR, the trusted source of industry information retailers have counted on for 24 years.   Three platforms for $699.00

The Product Profile Package is FREE to all full or half page advertisers!

For more information please contact:

Ellen Wheeler, Director of Sales