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Take your store beyond the door

wayne roberts janfebWith “Dr. Google” just a click away, consumers are heading to the internet now more than ever for health-related advice.


With “Dr. Google” just a click away, consumers are heading to the internet now more than ever for health-related advice.

That ease of access, paired with the fact that there are millions of registered cell phones in Canada, demands that retailers of all sizes think outside the bricks and mortar box when developing strategies to grow their business.

Expanding your story

Taking your story beyond the door is a cost-effective and targetable way to grow your business without sinking more money into high-value retail space and expensive point-of-sale fixtures. 

You need to connect with people on an accessible and immediate level, by expanding the story of your business to the internet. Storytelling is a powerful way to translate your product and service proposition into memorable content. Blogging, podcasts and webinars will add real value to your existing and prospective customers by expanding their understanding of health and wellness and how your store’s products and services will help them enjoy more of both.  Storytelling also positions your store as more than just another “price-for-product” retailer – but as a thought leader. Thought leadership through consistent storytelling online is a practical, modern way to share relevant content that shines a positive light on how your store is about helping people, not just selling them products. Creating that sense of goodwill binds existing customers to your brand and attracts new ones who are looking for help.

Your business is as much about emotion 

It’s impossible to recreate online the full emotional satisfaction you hope your customers experience when they visit your store. But video content goes a long way to doing just that.

Video, or motion picture content, is the most compelling medium available that generates awareness, increases loyalty, and makes it easy for viewers to share their experience with others. 

Methods shouldn’t be expensive

If you think modern marketing and advertising strategies and tactics are expensive, it’s probably because you’re not implementing them correctly. Doing it right means ensuring your efforts are measured and optimized regularly to ensure they’re working to drive traffic and elevate awareness. Besides, what’s it costing you to NOT embrace modern methods?  Branding and advertising should never be seen or employed as a cost – it’s an investment that must deliver a measurable ROI.   One key benefit of online marketing is the opportunity to optimize it, quickly. The digital world is defined by updates, optimization and keeping your messaging and imagery fresh.

Get out to the community

It's best to not see your brand as just a logo or storefront. Try to see your brand as a community made up of the real people who have bought products in your store; and more importantly, they've bought into the experience, the service, and the other relationship-based attributes of your business. Those "softer" elements do just as much to create and sustain their loyalty as good products for a fair price does.

Moreover, when you see your brand (and your business) as a living community, you'll also see how your customers think of your store as a destination they seek out and, in a way, take up residence there. Over time, their sense of belonging to your store transforms them into more than just customers – they become vocal advocates for your store and your brand. For them, it's akin to  telling people where they're from when they talk about where they buy their health products.

That's how the brand community mindset grows your business ... by growing the community through customer advocacy.  Many people define themselves by the consumer choices they make, including the health food store they go to. And they will spontaneously share their positive – and negative – experiences with others.

That’s why it’s best to not just sit back and wait for them to walk into your store. You need to get out there in the real world community as a good-faith participant in events and fundraisers - particularly those that support health and wellness. What better way to demonstrate that you walk the walk and not just talk the talk? This participation also offers more opportunities to create content about your store’s community involvement, furthering your efforts in storytelling and content marketing.

Start smart with strategic thinking

Taking your store beyond the door may seem daunting, so start smart with a strategic framework. Agencies like ours offer energetic and results-oriented workshops that clarify your brand’s essence, its positioning and even map out the framework for your online efforts. You need to nail down who and what your brand really is, why it appeals to customers and what tactics and content you’ll need to create and deploy to grow your brand community – and your sales!

Doing that foundational strategic work is essential to creating the breakthrough ideas that will engage your customers and turn them into passionate - and wonderfully healthy - advocates of your store and your brand.


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