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Sangster's relocates to larger space

Sangster's Health Centres is looking for a new franchisee for its new Prince Albert, Saskatchewan store. Sangster's recently moved to a new larger location in the Cornerstone Shopping Centre in Prince Albert. The Sangster's store has been in Prince Albert for 17 years. However, the current franchisee is retiring, so Sangster's is searching for a new franchisee to welcome into the family.

In other Sangster's news, Jenn Heibein is taking on the newly formed education coordinator position at Sangster's. Jenn has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Guelph and has been with Sangster's for three years as the product development manager. With a strong passion for the industry, Jenn is taking on the endeavour of spreading natural health knowledge to both retailers and consumers, which Sangster's believes is key in this industry.

Sangster's is a family business which started in Yorkton, Sk. in 1971

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New organic dulse

EDEN Foods has introduced Organic EDEN Whole Leaf Dulse. EDEN Dulse Palmaria palmate is wild hand-harvested near the mouth of the Bay of Fundy just off of Grand Manan, New Brunswick. This island is famous for dulse due to a unique growing environment. High cliffs on the west side shade the dulse beds from early sunlight. This results in the high quality dulse. The cold North Atlantic, morning shade, and vigorous, nurturing tidal flow creates ideal growing conditions for it. EDEN Dulse is certified organic and sustainably hand harvested.

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Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox

Are you taking calcium or vitamin D? This book could save your life!  Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox is a book written by Dr. Kate Rhéaume-Bleue.

Millions of people take vitamin D and calcium supplements for bone health. New research shows that this actually increases the risk of heart attack and stroke because the added calcium lodges itself in arteries. The secret to keeping bones strong and arteries clear is vitamin K2, a little-known supernutrient that humans once thrived on and that has been ignored by scientists for almost 70 years. To order this book, please ask your Natural Factors rep.

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Dr. Roger Rogers

Dr. Roger Rogers: pioneer, InspireHealth co-founder

Dr. Roger Rogers, co-founder of InspireHealth and a pioneer of integrative medicine, passed away on November 22, 2011 at the age of 83. A practitioner of patient-centered medicine: Roger inspired, empowered and engaged his patients in their health. Recognizing early on in his career that patients themselves, could impact their health and survival as much as any medicine they took. Roger provided the inspiration that engaged his patients in their life-long pursuit of health.

Born in Vancouver in 1928, Dr. Rogers received his BA and BSW from UBC and practiced social work until he entered medicine in 1955. He interned at St. Paul's Hospital and operated a family practice in Vancouver for twenty five years, with an emphasis on prevention and a holistic approach to health.

Dr. Rogers was involved in founding and supporting the Association of Complementary & Integrative Physicians of BC (ACIPBC), and the Canadian Complementary Medical Association (CCMA). In 2002, Roger was inducted into the Canadian Health Food Association's Hall of Fame.

Recognized as a pioneer and leader in integrative cancer care – both nationally and internationally – Dr. Rogers was the grateful recipient of many awards and acknowledgements, culminating in the presentation of the Order of British Columbia in 2001. The Hecht Foundation created the Dr. Roger Rogers Prize in 2007, which awards a $250,000 prize biennially to a leader in complementary and alternative medicine.

A kind, compassionate human being; Roger dedicated himself to loving and caring for his patients, and his patients loved him in return.

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Nutrition House opens three new Ontario stores

Nutrition House opens 3 new Ontario stores

Nutrition House has opened three new stores in Ontario: Humbertown Shopping Centre in Etobicoke franchised by Chester Listoria, Headon Forest Shopping Centre in Burlington franchised by Stephanie West, and Liberty Village Shopping Centre in Toronto franchised by Anthony Kim and Michael Chang.

Nutrition House also sold a corporate store located in the Southcentre Mall in Calgary, Alberta, franchised by Tiffany-Joy Robertson. And the Nutrition House in Fairview Pointe Claire in Pointe Claire, Quebec has changed owners. The new owner is Eva Agathengelou.

In total, Nutrition House has 62 stores across Canada, and now three American-based stores in Atlanta, Georgia franchised by Ray and Norma Curby.

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Vita Health's John Holtmann

Vita Health's John Holtmann

We could fill all the pages of this issue to pay proper tribute to John Holtmann. Suffice to say if you knew John – if he was a friend or colleague – you'll agree.

John passed away on December 3 with his family by his side after a lengthy battle with cancer. He was 61. Over 500 people (standing room only) attended his service in Winnipeg, which was a testament to how much John was loved and respected by all who knew him.

John is probably best known to many as the owner of the award-winning Vita Health Fresh Market retail stores in Winnipeg, although prior to that, he spent almost 30 years in various positions with Vita Health Products, a manufacturing company founded by his father-in-law, G. W. Seier. John joined the company in 1970 as a summer job.

In the late 90's, after all of Vita Health's retail and manufacturing interests were sold to Leiner, the Holtmann family purchased the retail portion back and John embarked on a new career path, turning a chain of supplement-focused stores into a food-focused business. He derived great pleasure and satisfaction from guiding and growing the business, teaching and mentoring his young team. And he was very proud to have his son Mathew join him in the business.

Industry-wide influence

Along with overseeing the growth and changes at Vita Health, John was very active in the industry. He played a key role in the formation of the United Health Merchants – now known as the Health First Network – in 1999, helping to pull retailers from all parts of the country under the UHM umbrella. And he also spent time as a director of the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA), even serving a term as the board's chair.

I recall the great sense of pride John exhibited when he had the opportunity to play host to the HFN annual meeting in Winnipeg in 2009. It was fitting given his important role in the group's formation 10 years earlier. He was proud to show visitors his stores, meet his team and tour them through his hometown.

In 2010, John received one of our industry's highest honours when he was elected into the CHFA Hall of Fame. In the spring of 2011, John announced his retirement from Vita Health – the same year the company was celebrating its 75th anniversary – and dozens of industry friends, colleagues and family made the trip to Winnipeg to surprise John with a dinner to recognize his many contributions to the industry.

John loved people. He had friends everywhere. It didn't matter if you were a supplier or a competitive retailer. I recall being in Winnipeg two years ago visiting a small health food store. The owner told me it was the norm for John to occasionally pop in, see how things were going and wish them well.

John's influence on the natural health industry and the many people he worked with and knew will be felt for decades to come. • Bruce W. Cole


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CHFA calls for creation of new natural health products act

CHFA visits Parliament Hill, calls for creation of new natural health products act

The Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) hosted its second annual Natural Health Products Awareness Day on Parliament Hill on November 15. CHFA members and staff attended strategic private meetings with Members of Parliament (MPs), distributed Educational Awareness Day kits, conducted a press conference, and participated in various media interviews, including an appearance on CTV Morning Live by CHFA president Helen Sherrard.

"The purpose of these activities was to promote CHFA's key message that the time is now for Parliament to create the new Natural Health Products Act," explained Helen. "We continue to educate MPs on the important role NHPs play in our economy and in the lives of millions of Canadians."?

In addition to MP meetings, CHFA staff secured a key meeting with the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) where Helen and Carl Carter – CHFA's director of Regulatory Affairs & Policy Development – spoke with Phil Harwood, PMO Policy Advisor. Meetings were also held with the Office of the Leader of the Official Opposition (New Democratic Party of Canada) and the Office of the Liberal Leader. To round out the meetings, Helen and Carl, along with CHFA board chair, Matthew James and government relations oversight committee chair Matt Breech met with David Lee, director, Office of Legislative and Regulatory Modernization.

The day of meetings was concluded with a CHFA evening reception to further support MP engagement efforts. The reception was attended by 32 MPs and Senators. CHFA reports it is pleased with the quality of conversations held and believes its message of creating the new Natural Health Products Act was well received. CHFA continues to work with MPs both in Ottawa and in member ridings and looks forward to its next bilateral meeting in January of 2012.

The association also released the results of a national Ipsos Reid Omnibus survey that clearly indicates the public is in support of the creation of an Act specifically for NHPs, with seven in 10 Canadians supporting this initiative. •

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Boucher Institute opening a retail natural dispensary

The Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine has announced it is opening a retail outlet: Boucher Naturals - Natural Health Products, Dispensary, Books & More. It is the newest addition to the New Westminster, BC-based graduate-level naturopathic medical college.

Currently under construction, this street-level retail space will feature a fully-stocked natural dispensary, a comprehensive range of natural health products for purchase, as well as a wide selection of healthy snacks and juices.

Managing the store will be William (Bill) Reynolds, the former executive director of the Canadian Health Food Association. He brings nearly 40 years of experience in the natural products industry, ranging from managing retail spaces to the importation, manufacturing and distribution of natural health products in Canada.

The 1,400 square foot retail space is set to open its doors in early December 2011. Its dispensary will serve the Boucher Naturopathic Medical Clinic, located on the third floor of the Boucher Centre, while the retail space will feature the highest-quality natural health products and offer educational services, such as lectures and seminars, to the public. For more info, please go to •

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Preferred Nutrition supports Canadian Women's Foundation

Preferred Nutrition, with the help of participating Health Food Stores, raised $40,468 through its Have a Heart campaign. This money will be used across Canada by the Canadian Women's Foundation (CWF) to support programs that invest in the power of women and the future of girls. These programs focus on stopping violence, helping to end poverty and empowering girls.

Deane Parkes was privileged to sit on the CWF grants committee. He was extremely moved by the programs the CWF supports. "I have to admit, it was a heart wrenching experience – especially since the money from donations was enough to support only about 20 per cent of the applications. I can assure you, the money we raised will be put to very good use! ...My hope is that we can continue this kind of support, on both the national and local levels, for many years to come." •

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35 Years and counting for Foodsmiths

by Melissa Chapman

Hats off to Foodsmiths in Perth, ON, for reaching the magic 35th year in business. Started on the back porch of a log house in 1976, Foodsmiths survived a catastrophic flood in its early years, which nearly wiped out the fledgling business.  From that point, things have only continued to get better for owners Claire and Don Smith. On-going success has prompted five moves, each to a bigger and better location than the last.


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New products introduced at CHFA Expo East

True Hope introduced True Hope EMP in January 2011. They went to court with Health Canada and won the right to sell it in Canada.

Clef Des Champs introduced new packaging to its line, including cough syrup, cold & flu and organic baby care products.

Raw Elements; represented by BioResource, introduced several new products including Olive Oil, Hemp Pea, RawTella, and Dandy Blend, a dandelion coffee substitute.

Madhava Natural Sweeteners introduced Coconut Sugar with two flavours: regular and blonde at the show. The product came straight from coconut trees.

Zen Soy introduced a line of pudding and jello without extra sugar, that is completely vegan and organic. It comes in a pack of 4 with 108g each.

Natural nail polish removerSuncoat introduced Nail Polish Remover Gel that is alcohol-free, vegan, and corn and soy based at the show, with currently a patent pending. It comes in a travel pack size of 30mL.

AOR introduced a new line called Axioma Health with products including OsteoNOx, RejuveNOx, CardioNOx, ImmuNO, AntioxidantNOx, and InflaNOx.

Hain Celestial Canada introduced the Greek Gods Yogurt, all natural Yogurt, Spectrum Oils such as Asian Stir Fry and Coconut Dream in a cream, milk, and water form.

ProBar introduced Halo Bars with vegan marshmallows and only 150 calories per bar.

Stortz & Associates Inc introduced a new line of Eco-Friendly toys called Begin-Again, "Soil not Oil."

Living Naturally introduced the iHealthKiosk, a online touch-screen health book for consumers.

Stealth Health Foods Inc introduced a new Salba product: Banana Powder in January 2011.

Adeeva introduced Clinical Weight Loss.

Camino BarsCamino introduced a new line of juices and bars.

SISU introduced Ester-C Energy Boost, a daily vitamin drink mix. "Bring water to your life!"

Peak Performace Products introduced a New Zealand Whey Protein Isolate, unflavoured in a bag.

Natracare introduced re-designed and re-named Natural Panty Liners with 30 in a box.

Organika introduced Instant C Orange Flavour in one-a-day packages.

Natural joint pain reliefPascoe introduced Pascoe Agil for joint pain

Soladey introduced a toothbrush called the Ionic J3X. This model uses the same technology as the Soladey Eco with the added efficiency an integrated solar panel.

Lorna Vanderhaeghe introduced GLA Skin Oil with Borage Oil.

Maison Orphee introduced a new type of dijon mustard and Quatuor blend of oils.

MacKellar Farms launched 100 per cent all-natural Canadian edamame, grown on a Canadian family farm.

Ecover launched both Zero Natural Dishwashing Powder, a phosphate-free formulation and Zero Natural Laundry Powder without fragrances, optical brighteners, phosphates, dyes, colouring agents or chlorine.

Raincoast is offering five different flavours of canned sardines. Rich in omega-3's and one of the ten best eco fish.

Steaz introduced zero-calorie sparkling fair trade organic green tea, naturally sweetened with stevia.

Manitoba Harvest introduced a new and refreshed package.

Amy's Kitchen launched hearty soups, light & lean pastas and rice crust pizzas.

The Winning Combination launched Abrexin, as well as Vitamints: easy mints on the go.

Allergic Solutions introduced a great tasting, versatile baking mix that meets all your allergic needs.

Greeniche introduced stevia, containing premium quality natural stevia extract with 97 per cent purity of Reb-A.

Heart Chocolate has been infused with CM-X extract, a unique proprietary formulation of cinnamon cassia.

Silver Hills introduced Mack's Flax Bread with delicious, high fibre, and omega 3 flax seeds.

Natusoy Foods Ltd launched Sea Veggies in three flavours: Sea Salt, Hot

Chili and Black Pepper. Healthy seaweed snacks.

Nature's Path sampled Love Crunch premium organic granola, which has three new flavours: Aloha Blend, Carrot Cake and Apple Crumble.

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New products from Genuine Health

Genuine Health has launched three new products just in time for CHFA Expo East. Vegan proteins+ in natural strawberry flavour is a complete protein with a balance of all essential amino acids and is made from a unique combination of vegan proteins including non-GMO pea, cranberry, organic sprouted brown rice, alfalfa and hemp. It provides 36g (20g dietary) of protein per serving.


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Core Natural now distributing TA-65MD in Canada

T.A. Sciences of New York, NY, has named Core Natural Limited, Newmarket ON, to be the Canadian distributor of TA-65 MD. According to TA Sciences, TA-65 is the only patented and double blind tested extract of astragalus that promotes telomerase activity in the DNA of the cells.

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Carlson accepts NPA's Diamond Manufacturer Award

Carlson Laboratories has won the Natural Products Association's (NPA) Diamond Manufacturer Award. The award, which represents 75 years of the NPA's existence, was given to three manufacturers who have been highly involved with the Association throughout the years.

Carlson Laboratories was founded by John and Susan Carlson 46 years ago with a single vitamin E formula. Carlson Laboratories exhibited at the very first NPA show in 1972 (when it was still known as NNFA).

"Our parents were involved in the NPA almost from the very beginning," Carlson president Carilyn Anderson said after receiving the award along with her sister, Kirsten Carlson, at the NPA Marketplace 2011 Convention in Las Vegas last month. "Their involvement in such an ethical and forward-thinking organization undoubtedly played no small part in our family's success."

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Natural Factors introduces Ubiquinol CoQ10

With recent advancements in science, the ubiquinol form of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is now available as a nutritional supplement from Natural Factors. The latest research shows ubiquinol CoQ10 is much more absorbable than the standard ubiquinone form previously used as a nutritional supplement, making it more effective for supporting heart health, increasing energy, providing antioxidant protection, and maintaining health as we age. Ubiquinol CoQ10 is quickly becoming the preferred choice of doctors, nutritionists, and consumers. Daily supplementation with Ubiquinol QH Active CoQ10, with superior bioavailability, enhances blood levels of CoQ10, provides sustained, natural energy to fight age-related fatigue, supports heart health, and provides antioxidant protection to cells. •
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Genuine Health initiative connects nature. well-being

Genuine Health staff rolled up their sleeves April 21, planting trees in Rouge Park (on the eastern border of Toronto) to raise awareness of the role nature plays in our health and well-being.

"At Genuine Health, we believe everyone deserves a healthy, vibrant life, and time spent in nature is fundamental to human health," says Stewart Brown, founder of Genuine Health.


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Lisa Live radio show moves to new station

Lisa Live, "health radio that walks the talk," (hosted by CNHR columnist Lisa Petty) has moved to NewsTalk 610 CKTB in St. Catharines, Ontario - Niagara's heritage talk station.

The show will continue to air live at 10 AM at 610AM on the radio dial, and stream live online at The shows will also be podcast on 610 CKTB, K-lite FM, Oldies 1150, 820 CHAM, and, very soon, iTunes. Free downloads of shows are also available to retailers to broadcast in their stores. Look for new retailer-specific offerings in the near future.

Lisa invites everyone to join her each week as guest experts provide education, inspiration and motivation. •

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Sisu challenges cold and flu season

SISU challenges cold and flu season with trip to NYC

Have a happy flu season and take the SISU Ester-C Challenge. From October to February, retailers can sign up to participate in SISU's Cold & Flu Season Challenge. Each month that is successfully completed qualifies the participant for another entry into the grand prize draw – a trip to New York City. Contact your SISU Account Manager for more details.

Reduce the severity of symptoms and shorten the duration of colds or flu with SISU Cold & Flu Rescue with Ester-C (formerly known as Ester-C Cold & Flu). Cold & Flu Rescue is a potent combination of Ester-C, echinacea, andrographis and NAC to effectively relieve cold and flu symptoms and respiratory tract infections – without the side effects that are common with over-the-counter drugs. For more information, call 800/663-4163 or visit

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Rising Stars Seminar for Natural Health Retailers

Natural health food store owners and managers who want to be better at their jobs should consider attending a Rising Stars seminar. Rising Stars sessions are natural foods leadership development seminars devoted to department and store managers. And for people who live and breathe natural health retailing, Rising Stars is everything you could hope for. It’s a combination of Heaven, Nirvana and Eutopia, with a little US Marine boot camp thrown in to provide structure over the intense three-day training session.

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Vega launches new sport nutrition system

Vega has created the first, 100 per cent plant-based, comprehensive three stage sports nutrition system – Vega Sport Nutrition System – formulated specifically with purposeful ingredients to help athletes during some of the crucial stages in their training regime.

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